Physical Therapy

Preventative measures and rehabilitation services to keep employees in top shape

Make sure your employees have access to proper resources in order to deal with injuries on or off the clock!

Physical therapy has been proven to assist in avoiding surgery, improving mobility and recovering from various injuries. It has also become one of the top prescriptions for various areas of pain that employees may face. Collaborative Health offers rehabilitation and physical therapy services through Rehab Associates of Central Virginia.


Benefits of Physical Therapy

It is important to understand the benefits of physical therapy for you and your employees. As the business owner, physical therapy is a sure way for many to get the recovery they need without going through expensive surgeries. Your employees will be grateful for a service that allows them to hone in on an on-the-job injury. Benefits of physical therapy include:

Pain Elimination/Reduction

Pain is something that everyone faces at some point or another. Physical therapy techniques can assist employees with managing that pain through joint and soft-tissue mobilization as well as muscle function restoration.

Improved Balance

If employees or patients are at a higher risk for falling, our therapists can implement a series of exercises that improve coordination and/or restore proper vestibular functioning. These exercises will help reduce dizziness or vertigo.

Surgery Avoidance

Along with reducing pain, physical therapy can also reduce the need for surgery. In cases where surgery has already occurred for one of your employees, physical therapy is a great option to reduce overall recovery time.

Health Management

Whether it’s an age-related issue or a chronic disease, physical therapy can help! Our health management focuses on heart and lung disease as well as diabetes and age-related issues.

Improved Mobility

Physical therapy can dramatically improve mobility for patients, regardless of age. We can create a customized plan for the individual that utilizes a mix of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Physical Therapy Health Care Providers

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