Collaborative Health Partners & Liberty University Announce New Primary Care Benefit to LU Employees

Collaborative Health Partners & Liberty University Announce New Primary Care Benefit to LU Employees

Liberty University has announced an enhanced primary care benefit to its employees. Through a contract with Collaborative Health Partners, a clinically integrated physician network of primary care providers, Liberty will offer a Direct Primary Care (DPC) program designed to improve employees’ scope of health benefits while reducing their projected healthcare spending. The program aims to increase access to preventive care, sick care, physician-directed wellness resources, and physician-directed disease management services at no out-of-pocket cost to the employee.

The new CHP model is unique to the health benefits field and will put Liberty on the cutting edge of the industry. Beginning May 1, the DPC option will be offered as a voluntary enhancement to Liberty’s existing health plan options.

Direct Primary Care can lower healthcare costs in many ways, including:

  • Reducing unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Delivering better chronic care management (which reduces the cost of high-risk conditions)
  • Providing referrals to high-value specialists
  • Reducing costly complications by identifying and supporting high-risk and at-risk individuals

This innovative opportunity takes minimization of risk management, cost containment, and care delivery to the next level.

Randy Smith, Liberty’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer: “ In sporting terms, this is a grand slam home run! 1) It provides better and more access to healthcare and wellness for our employees; 2) It greatly reduces our employee’s cost of primary care; 3) It reduces our institutional cost of primary care; and 4) It keeps care local with the top primary care physicians in our community.”

Shawn Crawford, Chief Executive Officer for CHP and CVFP Medical Group: “ We are excited to partner with Liberty to continue to redefine healthcare in this community by placing a strong emphasis on primary care. Our mission is to create the best value for the patient and employer in terms of high-quality healthcare, at a reasonable price, and ensuring a great experience for all involved. CHP and our partners will continue to engage patients, employers and others to reshape healthcare to what it should be.”